What Do They Know About You?

In my opinion, one of the biggest things standing in the way of online security is an archaic understanding of “Knowledge”. Specifically, the way that humans “know” things is fundamentally different from the way in which machines (specifically computers) “know” things. To begin, let’s try to define knowledge. This is my personal definition, made up […]


Social Media and the Future of Humanity

Internet communication has become an integral part of our lives today. Whether it is email, online news, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat or some other service I’ve never heard of, I imagine that you don’t know more than a handful of people who aren’t using some internet service to send or receive information. Even many […]

Understanding Passwords, Passphrases and Password Managers

This is a subject that has been extensively covered by many folks much smarter than I, but I still would like to give my humble contribution to the conversation. Let’s start with a few definitions. Password: A series of characters that are used as a digital key to unlock/open/login/decrypt  some sort of digital service. Also […]

An Introduction to Private Email

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, you probably have at least one email address, and/or use email at least occasionally. I’ll also guess that, like me, you probably never really thought about the details of your email accounts in a “big picture” way. Most of us probably started with something through our […]

Custom Android ROMs for the Average Person

  I just recently finished up a months long ambition to switch my cell phone over to CyanogenMod custom ROM. This is something I’ve been wanting to do/researching for a while now. I’ve found a ton of information on the subject, but as a ‘non-techie’ person, I’ve found it very confusing and difficult to parse […]

On Email

Email is a critical function for most of us. Many use email to communicate for work or with family, and even those of us who don’t use it to send communication almost certainly have an address or 10 that we use to sign up for things, log in to Facebook, twitter, our bank account, etc. […]

Why I’m Scaling Back From Google

I first started really using computers and the internet when I went to college in 2007. During and after my college years, Google has developed some amazing services that I’ve used and enjoyed, from android and gmail to Hangouts and Drive. I have gotten a lot of good from Google’s services, and I appreciate the […]

Working Toward a More Private World

As we have charged into the 21st century, the technology around us has grown at an almost unbelievable rate. The internet has gone from a novelty to one of the most fundamentally important parts of our way of life. Computers have shrunk from something that took up a whole desk, to something you can wear […]