I am not a Nerd. In fact, I find anything beyond the basics of most systems rather confusing and intimidating.

I do like technology though.
I like what it can do for us.

I also like my privacy.

I want to help you (and me) work towards a world where we can have cutting edge technology, without sacrificing our privacy or our security. So I’m learning to geek, so I can help myself, and help you.

I am trying to curate ideas and technology that can protect us. Below are some areas you may want to start investigating.

To think about:
Security and Privacy
Why I’m Scaling Back From Google.
Working Toward a More Private World.
3 Reasons to Use Private Services, Even if You Don’t Care About Privacy.

A few things to start using:
Signal  A Simple, secure replacement for your texting app. Works on iOs or Android
DuckDuckGo A private search engine  (Startpage is another good option)

Other sites to visit
EFF.org Some of the leaders in privacy research/policy.
Ars Technica An excellent news site that gives a lot of coverage to privacy topics