Privacy Consulting

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Andy – Your host – has been studying and caring about privacy for many years, and teaching/advocating since 2016.

His expertise is in presenting basic privacy and security principles to new people, and simplifying complex concepts.

Privacy. Tech. Demystified for the rest of us.

Consulting Package

If you need personalized help understanding what privacy tools fit your lifestyle, and how to use them safely: You’ve come to the right place. Below are the primary topics that you can choose. To book your consult, go to this calendly link:

Select a time slot. I’ll email you a link for an online meeting where we can share screens and you can ask any questions you have.

Consultations are $99 for an hour, with a $10 discount for payment via cryptocurrency or silver.

Choosing and using a password manager

-Choose a password manager

-Learn to make uncrackable passwords

-Learn to install and use a password manager of your choice

Get a secure, trustworthy email system in place

-Decide which email provider best meets your needs

-Learn how to segment and mask your communications

-Learn how to download and back up your emails from non trustworthy accounts

Communicate securely with friends and family

-Choose encrypted messaging apps

-Learn the pitfalls of WhatsApp and Telegram

-Find out what the best app is for YOUR family

-Learn how to check keys and confirm identities

Find other programs that support your privacy

-Replace Evernote

-Use and understand 2 Factor Authorization

-Use anonymous phone numbers and credit cards

-Break your analysis paralysis and make progress!

Book a private consultation today.

**I recognize that Calendly and Zoom may not be the most privacy friendly companies, but they make things simple for people new to privacy. I’m happy to use more private methods if you’re comfortable with them. Please email to use other methods.